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Sustainability Governance: Best Practices for Greater Impact

What's the board's role? What are the optimal dotted lines for Chief Sustainability Officers? Join us for an expert-led discussion on these critical questions and more.
Edward Targett
Sustainability Governance: Best Practices for Greater Impact

Corporate sustainability plans are nothing without aligned governance to support their implementation. But what does impactful governance look like? At this 60 minute special digital event from CSO Futures, Harry G. Boardman, Joanna Bonnett and Ron Soonieus will share lessons learned from their experiences as sustainability leaders, governance advisors and non-executive directors and discuss recent trends influencing the way companies approach sustainability governance. From the growing mandate of Chief Sustainability Officers and the importance of upskilling boards, to sustainability committees and pay incentives, join us to find out which governance practices bring the greatest positive impact. 

January 11, 2024