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CSO Futures Weekly: CSOs are gaining influence – and they will need it this year

A conversation with BCG's CSO, the growing influence of sustainability heads, Amazon's puzzling forklift decision and more in this edition.
Melodie Michel
CSO Futures Weekly - January 11

Welcome to this new edition of CSO Futures Weekly, featuring interviews, insight and intelligence for Chief Sustainability Officers from our site and beyond.

Starting shortly: Our digital event on sustainability governance

You can still register to attend our online panel on sustainability governance best practices. It will also be available on-demand next week.

Starting at 15:00 GMT (10:00 ET), Joanna Bonnett, independent Chief Sustainability Officer and NED, Harry Broadman, finance executive and NED, and Ron Soonieus, Senior Advisor at BCG, will discuss how to best structure boards, sustainability committees and the CSO function for greater sustainability impact. 

Join us for what promises to be a lively and interactive session!

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