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Fidelity International CSO Jenn-Hui Tan: Halving portfolio emissions would be easy – but would it help the world?

When it comes to the decades-long ‘divest or engage’ debate regarding investors’ attitudes towards polluting activities, Tan is firmly in the engage camp.
Melodie Michel
Fidelity International CSO Jenn-Hui Tan
Fidelity International Chief Sustainability Officer Jenn-Hui Tan

“It is not that difficult to reduce the portfolio emissions of the organisation: all you really need to do is not invest in a handful of high emitters. The question that I have is: does that actually contribute to the reduction of real world emissions?”

Fidelity International’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Jenn-Hui Tan is not one for shortcuts. The US$700 billion asset management firm aims to halve portfolio emissions by 2030 – but for Tan, the success of the sustainability strategy should be assessed not just by this achievement, but by how much it furthers real-world decarbonisation.

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